About Us


I have had a life-long love of the beauty found in the grain of wood.

A few years back, at the request of my wife, I made a handful of shawl pins to be given as gifts to family members with shawls that she had knit.

I discovered I got great joy from opening up a piece of wood to see what was inside and have been making wood pins ever since.

I create one of a kind, by hand wood pins that can be used in any knitted or crocheted wearables, as hair pins, and as purely ornamental wood jewelry. I also make two piece buckle and pin fasteners and uniquely shaped buttons in a variety of sizes out of interesting and beautifully grained wood. 

I use almost exclusively found hardwoods native to my home in north central Maryland, USA.

Each piece is shaped, sanded and oil finished by hand and buffed with carnauba wax to a jewel finish.

I hope you will seek me out at my next showing.